We aim to live, eat and grow as simply as possible — and to share our journey with you, our friends and neighbours.

Welcome to Brandywine Farms
& Garden Market.

We are a family farm business in West Lorne, Ontario, producing grass-fed lamb, free-range chicken, eggs, seasonal vegetables and whatever else we can from the land around us. Below you will learn a little more about us, and in the links in the menu you can find out what we have, when it is available and how to reach us.

A little about us…

We started our journey toward self-sufficiency a few years back with six chickens, a small suburban garden and an antique 16-gauge shotgun. Anyone who knows us also knows how each of those first stepping stones has grown exponentially to become the 17-acre “homestead” we now call home.

We confirmed early on that growing, raising and hunting our own food was what we wanted to do. No factories, no chemicals, no supply chain. The last few years have shown us that supply chains are not unbreakable and we were happy - and lucky - to not have to depend on one for most of our food. We want to offer you, our friends, neighbours and customers, the same security by providing fresh, wholesome ingredients that are produced locally, right here in West Elgin.

Our family farm - the farm I grew up on - has changed dramatically over the last three years. Our flock of over 100 mixed-breed ewes thrive on our lush green pastures and share the space with a pair of emus, a Jersey cow, some donkeys and a horse. Surrounding the farmhouse, garden, orchard and pasture our free-ranging laying hens, meat birds, turkeys, peacocks and ducks help to eliminate pests and fertilize the ground.

This is a beautiful and productive space to raise our children and teach them where food comes from. It is a place to grow and learn and take pride in something bigger than oneself. A farm business is a lifestyle, and our style is pure, simple ingredients to help you make the most of your meals. We have always believed in eating good food and providing as much of it as possible from our land, and our goal is to engage the community around us and to connect them to the farmers and growers right next door.

Our farm is always open for tours — please feel free to contact us if you would like to come by and see where YOUR food comes from when you purchase our products.


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Here’s where you can find us:

25714 Pioneer Line
West Lorne, ON
N0L 2P0


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