Grass-Fed Lamb

We meet a lot of people at farmers’ markets and local events, and many of them either love lamb or hate it. We like to offer the latter group a chance to change their mind with fresh, mild Ontario lamb. Our lambs travel no more than one hour to get from the farm to the abattoir and then to local farmers’ markets or back to our farm store freezer. If you’ve never tried it, we encourage you to pick some up — and don’t worry if you’re afraid to cook it, we can help you with that, too! Check out some of our favourite recipes HERE.

Our lamb is available year-round in a variety of individual cuts. Whole, half and quarters also available; pre-order and deposit required.

Pricing & Availability

  • Ground lamb — $18/lb
    A great choice for first-timers: try it for burgers or meatballs and add in all your favourite flavours, or as kofta kebabs (recipe HERE) with a salad and a pita for an easy weeknight dinner!

  • Stewing pieces — $18/lb
    Another foolproof selection as you can use any stew or curry recipe and make it your own! A long, slow cook is key to tender and juicy pieces so fill your CrockPot with flavourful broth, aromatics and farm-fresh lamb for an easy hands-off supper.

  • Leg of Lamb — $18/lb
    This is a traditional Easter and Christmas dish but you can make it a tasty weeknight meal, too. Smother it in garlic and herbs, cook it in the oven at a high heat for 30 minutes, then cook it low until it reaches 150F. Available bone-in; please pre-order for a boneless roast.

  • Loin Chops — $25/lb
    The loin chops come from the back of the animal, sometimes with the rib bone exposed (“Frenched”) and therefore referred to as “lollipops.” Ours are usually processed without the Frenched rib, and they look like little T-bone steaks. Best on the hot grill or iron pan, season with salt and pepper and cook for just a few minutes each side. You want them rare.

  • Rack of Lamb — $25/lb
    The “rack” is just the loin chops all stuck together, with the ribs Frenched (or not). This cut makes for a fancier presentation as you can crust it and roast it and show it off to your friends.

  • Shoulder & Leg Chops — $18/lb
    Larger, fattier and chewier than loin chops. Still great on the BBQ. Bone-in.

  • Shanks — $14/lb
    Must be slow-cooked. Must be cooked with liquid. Liquid must be wine. Or not, but the same applies here as with the stew chunks - low heat, lots of flavourful liquid, aromatics and time.

  • Whole lamb — $15/lb of hanging weight (usually 30-40lbs)

  • Half lamb — $15.50/lb of hanging weight (15-20lbs)

  • Quarter lamb — $16/lb of hanging weight (7-10lbs)
    Please be aware that the price per pound for bulk lamb is reflective of the hanging weight of the animal - this is the weight after the animal is skinned and cleaned but before the meat is cut. The final amount you receive will be about 50% of the hanging weight, as most of the bones and fat are removed during butchering.

Here’s where you can find us:

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West Lorne, ON
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