Farm-Fresh Eggs

Colourful eggs from colourful free-ranging hens! Being free-ranging, our hens will often lay their eggs in mysterious places; eggs can be available year-round, if we can find them. Usually abundant in the spring, we will be taking what we can to a facility in Strathroy to be graded so we can sell them at the Horton Farmers’ Market in St. Thomas.

Farm-fresh eggs may have a darker, more rich yolk than conventional eggs due the hens’ diet. Around here, that diet includes insects, grass, seeds and grain from around the farm, as well as a commercial layer feed. We choose to feed a commercial blend to ensure the hens have access to all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to produce a healthy egg every day. This is especially true through the winter months.

Having roosters on the farm means that we have fertilized eggs, as well. These are also available for sale, as well as day- to week-old chicks. Please order by mid-March for chicks available mid-April.

Pricing & Availability

  • Farm-fresh eggs (ungraded) — $5/doz

  • Farm-fresh eggs (graded) — $7.50/doz

  • Duck eggs (ungraded) — $6/doz
    Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs, with a hard shell and a large, rich yolk. Great for baking due to the richness, but also delicious hard- or soft-cooked. Available by chance or by pre-order.

  • Turkey eggs (ungraded) — $6/doz
    Slightly larger than chicken eggs, turkey eggs have a lighter, fluffier yolk than chicken or duck eggs. Good general-use eggs. Available by chance or by pre-order.

  • Fertilized eggs — $10/doz
    For your home incubator; grow your own backyard flock! Please be aware of local bylaws for chicken-keeping. Also note we cannot guarantee that all eggs are fertilized but we have had great success rates in our own incubator.

  • Day-old chicks — $6 each or 6 for $30
    Available in the spring by pre-order. Fertilized eggs go into our incubator in March and remain there for 21 days. Please keep an eye on our website and social feeds to see when we will be starting up! We will not sex day-old birds.

Although all of our egg-laying birds try to hide their nests, sometimes one of them finds just the perfect spot - so perfect that everyone wants to lay their eggs there!

Here’s where you can find us:

25714 Pioneer Line
West Lorne, ON
N0L 2P0


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